Backyard Landscaping

Before you begin any backyard landscaping project for your Comox Valley property, it is important to consider what the landscape design process entails.

At Aria Landscape Design we strive to ensure that all aspects of the backyard landscaping project are checked off before any materials are ordered or any shovel hits the ground. Working with Aria’s Landscape Designer, Lorne Steel, we meet with you multiple times to understand your needs, budget and any other pertinent information to your backyard and garden project.

Basalt Dry Stack Retaining Walls for Backyard Landscaping Project

Backyard Landscaping Considerations

Each project and property is unique. Thinking about how you and your family want to enjoy your backyard is extremely important. Not only should your backyard landscaping be aesthetically pleasing but should also be functional. Your outdoor living space should be as well designed as your indoor living space.

So here are some things you need to consider before meeting Aria for your backyard design assessment.

  • What’s your budget?
  • How do you want to use the backyard?
  • Who will be using the backyard?
  • Do you have pets?
  • How much time do you have for maintenance?
  • Do you already have a design theme or style you are going for?
    • Collecting images that you can share with Aria will help us see your vision.
  • What kind of plants are you wanting? Plants can be organized into three purposes.
    • Structural
      • ie. Used to organize your backyard space
    • Utilitarian
      • ie. Provide shade
    • Ornamentals
      • ie. Improves the look of the property

Backyard Landscaping Design

The first step in a backyard landscaping project is visiting the site, whether this is raw land or an existing property with a home already built, the site visit is very important.

Here are some things that we will do during our initial consultation.

  • Discuss your wish list backyard features
    • Walkways
    • Patios
    • Pergolas
    • Water features
    • Small or large garden beds
    • Irrigation
    • Retaining Walls
  • Do a general site assessment
  • Discuss your budgets

Once we have a design contract agreed upon we now come to your property and do a much more thorough site assessment. During this site assessment we would:

  • Assess the soil type on your property
  • Take measurements of the backyard area
  • Take note of all light and shade patterns
  • Get the lay of the land for drainage
  • Identify areas which area will support plants and which will not
  • Request plot plans or recent property surveys

Backyard Landscaping Concept Plan

Once the site assessment is complete the next step is to create a concept plan. This plan will show the general layout of the site, indicating structural items such as retaining walls, pathways and garden beds.

Backyard Planting Plan

Once the concept plan is approved, we then create the planting plan. This will list plants with botanical and common names, as well as the size and quantity required.

Backyard Landscape Installation

Now that all of the planning and preparations are complete, documents are signed and project costs estimate, it is now time for our crew to bring this dream to reality.

We will work within the agreed time frame to complete the backyard landscaping project.

Interested in Backyard Landscape Design for your property? Fill out the form below and we will be in touch to discuss your project.